Oregon – Day 3 – Crater Lake

Day 3 was mostly spent at Crater Lake.  I like to relax on vacation by demanding that we wake up in time for sunrise and go to take pictures.  In light of this, we got up early to head to Watchman overlook with our coffee, but finding clouds there, backtracked… Continue reading


Crater Lake Sunrise with HDR.  Yes, we got up early for this shot which, unless you know the camera is pointed East, is indistinguishable from a Sunset.  Sunrises and sunsets are always kind of a crap-shoot because you have no control over them yet the entire activity is just showing… Continue reading

Phantom Ship

The “Phantom Ship” in Crater Lake… an unnatural combination of three separate photos with some generous tone mapping thrown in for good measure.  Taken as sunset was approaching from the other side of Crater Lake (Wizard Island is just behind the right tree). Picture taken with Sony a6000, SEL 18-200mm… Continue reading

Crater Lake Sunset

Sunset Sunday!  Sunset over Crater Lake last week, not the greatest as sunsets go, but there were a few moments where the clouds looked cool, and the setting was pretty awesome.  I think this one would look better with a bit of adjustment, but I don’t have that accessible at… Continue reading